About Us

DuckFab was founded by aggressive duck hunters in search of a better lightweight portable concealment skid blind. The rest is history!

One cool winter morning while sitting on a 5 gallon bucket surrounded by cane and buckbrush, I wished that I was in a more comfortable seat with somewhere to rest my gun and blind bag in the dry. My young son was with me that day and could not sit still for the uncomfortable seat that he was given. Birds flared and more birds flared because I was not adequately blended into my Deep South Delta surroundings.

So I started looking for a new blind that could easily be pulled behind my four wheeler and set in place for the next weekend hunt. I was shocked that I could not find a readily available skid blind for a decent price. The few blinds that I did manage to find lacked the features that I was looking for. So I decided to make my own. Fortunately, I already had a complete fabrication shop and excellent employees already due to the established mechanical contracting business that I founded years earlier. All of the features that I ever wanted were built into the first DuckFab skid blind.

A few weeks later, I decided that I needed another skid blind for another field that we frequently hunted. So we built another and it was even better. Many people hunted in my blinds over the years and gave compliments to the durability, comfort, lightweight and portability. As time passed, I decided to share my Ultimate Duck Skid Blind with other people in quest of the same features that avid duck hunters crave in flight of the great waterfowl migration of North America.

DuckFab Ultimate Duck Skid Blinds are the most affordable and convenient blinds available to setup your favorite duck hole for years of lasting fellowship with family and friends. No other blind in production today has the number of features that we give to you so that you are as comfortable hunting as we are. Our blinds can easily be unloaded and pulled into place by one man and a four wheeler. Our product line is extensive and available in many sizes and configurations. We stock all materials needed for fast production normally in only a few days.

Call today and join the DuckFab Ultimate Duck Skid Blind list of satisfied owners. It will be the last skid blind that you ever buy. We guarantee our quality and workmanship.