Custom Fab

DuckFab is capable of custom fabricating any customer requests. Our complete fab shop consists mig, tig and stick welders, plasma cutters, band saws, chop saws, grinders, measurement tools and many more. We also offer mobile welding services should you need our assistance in the field.

DuckFab Ultimate Duck Skid Blinds can be customized in numerous ways. Your imagination is the only limitation! We can custom make duck pits, deer blinds, tripod stands, control structures, etc.

Ultimate Custom Examples

  • Custom lengths, widths and heights for all types of blinds
  • Adjustable floor height for varied water depths
  • Thicker and larger metal frame for ultimate lifetime durability
  • Multiple level blinds with crow’s nests
  • 12v lighting, batteries, wiring and power for electric motion decoys
  • Dog boxes and custom entry doors
  • Custom floor heights and ladders or steps
  • Custom floor adjustable heights for varying water depths
  • Above ground or below grade options for power hunters
  • Various flip top designs, full length or multiple smaller flips
  • Custom seating benches, cushioned, steel or wood
  • Secure storage options for decoys and other gear
  • Sheet metal walls and tops for rain and wind protection
  • Custom skids for various types or terrain pulling
  • Lean-to options to hide ATVs behind blinds